Monday, 8 August 2016

Potty Un-training

As my boyfriend and I have "6 weeks off" we thought it might be a good idea to get our 2 year old potty trained 'ready' for our return to the teaching-Pit in September, when neither of us will have the time or energy to apply our minds to anything remotely difficult. The down side to this is that our time "off" becomes a bit of a slog, although this realisation has only dawned on us within the last few days.

The first 2 days of potty training went extremely well, our little star was pooing and weeing on the potty like a potty trooper and we were sharing the good news with anyone who would listen.

Then it stopped.

The novelty of the potty wore off and we have been trying to sell our house whilst masking the odours of urine on the carpet of our lounge with anything strong enough to battle it. There's been the emptying the contents of the potty on the carpet incident, the pooing on the floor incident, the splashing in the wee incidents-a-plenty, the wee on the potty through the pants incidents atleast 6 times a day and the constant weeing. She doesn't stop weeing, every 10 minutes she needs a wee. Inbetween the every 10 minutes Our Shining Star isn't weeing, she's telling us that she needs a wee and we're waiting patiently for her to do one.

We're knackered.

Pull-ups are great. We'll do the potty thing for a couple of hours, then nip out for a while with our Potty Trooper in pull-ups with the intention of asking her whether she wants a wee every hour or so, but we quite happily forget and let her happily wee herself in her pull-ups; it's a blissful time for us. We don't mention it to each other either and just gladly let it happen. Ignorance is bliss.

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