Friday, 7 July 2017

Isn't Your Woman Amazing?

Remember the good old days?

The days you could lie-in together until the afternoon, talking idly about what to eat for lunch? Eat out? Cook together? Order in? She used to giggle a lot; seemed less pressed for time, relaxed; at ease with whatever the day may bring; happy locked in your arms.

Things are different now.

Maybe she’s predictable?

Perhaps she’s lost her sparkle?

She knows she’s lost a few things too, but like you, she’s thankful for what she’s gained.

There are no prizes or promotions for Motherhood; no pay rises; not even any pay; no holidays and no pats on the back, but she remembers the days when there were. When she could apply for a promotion, have a pay rise, feel valued and skilled at work; when she had colleagues to talk to; when she could feel as though she was mapping out a career for herself. Independence.

 But, Motherhood is a sacrifice of all of this.

It’s often a sacrifice of freedom, of a decent pension, of a career, of her time, of her hobbies, her friendships, her body and more. She pays the sacrifice because she wants to, because she wants to give the future her children.

Your children.

A continuation of your love together and your genes combined to send forth children of the future. Mini-yous and Mini-hers to make a difference.

With this, she places her trust in you.

You are the chosen one: to love, to provide, to make up for her financial losses which she has returned for life and natures fruitful but penniless gains.

What a huge amount of trust she has in you.

Isn’t Your Woman amazing?

Maybe she splits herself in 2 as she continues in the working world, whilst meeting the needs of your children every spare minute that she has. Or perhaps, she leaves her education, leaving even a degree behind as she elopes on a path of domestic drudgery and nappy changing and rocking to sleep and feeding. She’s not qualified for this; there is no training but she embraces it anyway. The mental challenges are enormous and yet, any mental stimulation for her is minimal. Perhaps she does both and feels she’s never doing a good job either in the working world or of mothering; working “part-time” in return for a full-time role of 2 important jobs divided. Wanting to guide your children through life as much as possible, whilst still providing for the family.

Her body alone is capable of keeping that little human being you made together alive, even after birth.

Isn't she amazing?

Perhaps her torso is now covered in map-like lines which mark the 9 months she carried your human being inside her, a keepsake of your child’s growth; a miracle which only bodies like hers can ever achieve. Her skin is looser than it used to be, her breasts hang lower; do you see the strain growing your children has on her? And yet, she carries on, regardless, making more of your children, because she chose to make them with you.

Isn’t she just amazing?

She nurtures future generations of You with love and nourishment, her instincts drive her to know when there is something wrong, even when the facts prove otherwise. She is an alarm, a siren becoming alert at exactly the right time for no other reason than her feelings. An energy beyond science.

She provides practically and meets the needs of the whole family; knowing when to replace shoes, instigating routines, the keeper of the calendar and lists of endless other tasks which she takes on when she becomes a Mother and Homemaker.
She is The Mind of the home.

Then there are needs which lie way beyond the practicalities of life, which Your Woman provides for tirelessly with love and affection. The role of just being in the right place at the right time with open arms, love and support; just being there. Giving stability and security, a constant reassurance and presence, allowing your children to grow with good self-esteem and confidence. A rock.

She sacrifices her time, her money, career, emotions, her social life and primarily herself for future generations of you and of her all rolled into one.
She is viewed differently by society, demoted to Mother.
Her hair is a mess, her nails no longer painted, she’s irritable, more serious, she giggles less, but she chose to do this with you, in spite of losing elements of herself in the process.

Her role is thankless, expected even.

And, with you, she chooses to do it and then maybe she does it again and even again.


Because, Your Woman is amazing.

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