Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dream House

  As the school holidays are now in full swing along with birthdays, days out, pretend-you're-loving-it-instagram posts, weight gain and money-splurging, my boyfriend and I have had much more time to focus on selling our house. We took a gamble when we put off marketing our own home whilst casually 'browsing' the housing market ourselves, only to stumble across Dream House. We spent the next 2 weeks running around like crazed lunatics: painting walls, sprucing up the front door (it's all about  curb appeal apparently) and actually getting our hands dirty taming the hedges and shrubs in the garden.

Within 2 weeks of spotting Dream House, we were For Sale and Dream House still was too. With a high five, my boyfriend and I have waited patiently for an offer on our house after several viewings. Today, we've had 2 viewers come by and share their enthusiasm for placing an offer on our house and my boyfriend and I have spent the day feeling somewhat excited at the prospect of selling in time and becoming the proud owners of Dream House.

Showing potential buyers around our home has been a strange experience for us both: just today, my boyfriend asked me if I too wondered why we were selling our house after highlighting all of the positives to prospective buyers. I laughed and said I'd felt the same way, but then pointed out that if we're managing to sell it back to ourselves, then we must be doing a really good job of selling it!!

This afternoon we went to see Dream House again, knowing that nobody is currently living in the property as the vendors have left, we pulled into the driveway and looked out onto the garden. It didn't feel quite the same as it did the first time, we noticed that the slope of the garden could propose potential issues, that there were loads of huge conifers that would need chopping down because they were so close to the house and that actually, the lawned part of the garden was quite far away from the house. We then shared the few reservations we had both had about the layout of the inside of the house. We shook off our thoughts on the journey home and found ways around and over the little hurdles of Dream House, they were all aesthetic after all.

Dream House however had begun to feel more like House.

Bizarrely, my boyfriend browsed at the house on the internet this evening and bolted upstairs shortly afterwards to deliver the news that Dream House was apparently now SOLD STC. We looked at each other shocked and a little silent, in an effort to judge each others reaction, at which point we both said "it's actually ok." Maybe we have lost our one and only "Dream House," but even Dream House had it's flaws. Sometimes, things seem to happened for a reason and us driving to the house just this afternoon and feeling somewhat differently about it really helped soften the blow.

 You can guarantee that we'll now receive an offer on our own home and be desperately browsing the internet in search of our next "Dream House!" Who knows, maybe the sale of Dream House the first will fall through and we'll end up with our original flawed Dream House.

Telling ourselves that everything happens for a reason is a bit cliché, but maybe, just maybe it does.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story about showing your house. My wife and I are getting ready to show ours as we are near retirement and are wanting to downsize. How exciting it must be for you both to go ahead and get your dream house! I can only imagine how amazing you are going to feel when you move in.