Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Juggling Joke

Nothing could have prepared me for the juggling act of teaching and parenting; teaching part-time couldn't be more full-time and parenting doesn't currently allow for much sleeping on the job.
I'm exhausted.
One allows little head space for the other and I long for physical activity to give me the opportunity to switch off; thinking dominates my time. By the end of the day, when teaching lessons, marking, data crunching, planning lessons, chasing homework, detentions, after school clubs, cooking, meal time, playtime, bath time, bed time is over, I struggle to face the physical activity I so long for and crumble under a duvet before 9pm. I'm mentally drained and I've no head space left for the world, I also need to sleep before the long wake-up calls of the night begin.
I've so little head space for thought in fact, that I even have to cut my blog entries short.

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